Comfortable and easy – Business with Data

Comfortable and easy – Business with Data

Living in another country can be quite difficult, as each have get used to the new environment, while there is always also a pile of administrative issues that can make your life more difficult. To avoid incomprehensibilities it is necessary to adapt to a new environment as quickly as possible. Our company can help you and give advice on how to avoid difficulties. So start business with Data.

Our company have enough qualified personnel which will give you an advice on all business matters and also life in Slovenia. We have extensive experience in business as we successfully help our customers for already 28 years. In case of any issues or complexities in business, our customers know perfectly well to whom they have to send their questions, regardless of the fact at which stage of development is their business– which is also very practical because they do not have to address their questions to different institutions. If you choose business with Data Company, our experts always adapt support to a personal needs of each client and their business. To optimize the management of your business, we offer you joint planning of the business – from the early start – means from registration of company to the implementation of your business idea. We can offer you some options for doing business in Slovenia, but keep in mind that for successful business the core element are your own skills and knowledge.

Do not allow that poor knowledge of Slovenian legislation or other administrative matters become barrier for development of your business. You are welcome to use help of our lawyers, accountants and experts on tax issues etc. In addition to business consulting – means company registration, corporate-law consolations, investment projects and obtaining of a work permit – we will also provide you with advice on all types of residence permits and reunification of family in Slovenia.

As we have English-speaking language support our goal is to make your life in Slovenia, easier, better and more comfortable. For your comfort, we provide a wide range of services in English – you can always count on our team of specialists and qualified stuff who will help you leading your business and life in Slovenia.

If you want to be up to date with the information about Slovenia, we invite you to follow us on social networks or contact us via mail:, or simply call us: 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp).

We are always glad to hear from our clients so that we can help you and make your life in Slovenia even better. You can also follow us on Facebook.

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