Language school in Slovenia, EU as a business idea

Language school

Due to Slovenia’s size, learning to speak foreign languages is very important to residents of Slovenia. As Slovene language is only spoken by roughly 2 million people, most of them have to learn at least one foreign language to be competitive in the business market. Because of this, opening your own language school is a good business idea for foreign entrepreneurs establishing a company in Slovenia.

Language school in Slovenia, EU – what language to choose?

Even if you are a foreign entrepreneur and you speak good English, you can open a language school and teach the language you are fluent in to locals and other English speakers. English is spoken throughout most Slovenia, especially in bigger towns. Therefore if you speak good English, you can teach your language to participants in English.

In addition to English, the most commonly learnt languages are German, Italian and Croatian, due to the neighboring countries. But those languages are also taught in Slovenian grade schools and high schools.

In the last years, the interest in learning a more exotic foreign language has grown. Many people started to learn Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese etc. As those kinds of languages are best to be taught by a native speaker which is where you could come in. If you have good people skills, like teaching new things to people and are fluent in Slovenian or English and the language you have chosen to teach, wait no further. Open your language school in Slovenia by registering a company in Slovenia.

Language school in Slovenia – registering a company in Slovenia.

Before you can start with your business activity, you have to register a company in Slovenia. If you are a non-EU citizen, you can establish an LTD company (d.o.o. in Slovenian). For company registration, all shareholders and directors of the company need to come to Slovenia. You would need to stay in Slovenia for at least 7-10 days to finalize this process. In addition to your valid passport you would need a Slovenian tax number, 7.500 € founding capital and a business address where you would register the company’s address in Slovenia.

The appropriate business activity to register is under the SKD code 85.590 (Other unclassified education and training). If you do not plan to give out governmentally approved certification about the received education, your language school would not have to fulfill any additional conditions or obtain any licenses.

With all those documents you can make the company registration at any VEM/SPOT point in Slovenia, including Data. Here you would receive the act of establishment with all your registered business activities. With these documents, you can go to the bank to open the temporary bank account in Slovenia. On this temporary bank account, you deposit the founding capital in the minimal amount 7.500 €.

After 3-5 business days from depositing the capital, the court issues a decree on company registration. At that point the representative of the company would have to go back to the bank to change the temporary bank account to permanent. With this, the process of company registration is complete and your language school is ready for business.

Language school in Slovenia – running your business.

After the company’s official registration, you can start running your business. This first decision you would have to make is who will be the teacher at the language school. If you plan on employing EU citizens, you can employ them immediately after company registration.

If you plan on teaching yourself or you plan on employing non-EU citizens as teachers in your language school, you would need to obtain a work and residence permit for you or them. Data can assist you in the process of obtaining the work and residence permit after the company has fulfilled the conditions for employing foreigners.

Language school in Slovenia – open a company with assistance of Data!

We are offering assistance with setting up a company in Slovenia. Data can also help you to obtain the necessary documents for company establishment. We can also offer accountancy services with the possibility to receive legal support as well.

If you do not have a business address, where you would register the company, we would be happy to offer the services of virtual office. If you need assistance with obtaining work and residence permit, we can also offer our assistance.

For more information about opening a language school in Slovenia, you can write to our email You can also contact us over the phone 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp).  You can also follow us on Facebook.

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