Assets of the company and business immigration to Slovenia

Assets of the company and business immigration to Slovenia

To do business in Europe, you can opt to register a company in Slovenia. In order for the company to do business it might require to purchase some assets. They can be liquid or fixed. And purchasing fixed assets of the company can also be a possibility for your company to be able to employ foreigner or engage in business immigration for the representatives. We will be explaining in which cases these fixed assets will enable your business immigration to Slovenia.

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What are assets of the company?

Assets of the company are either fixed assets and liquid assets. You can convert liquid assets of your company to cash within a short period of time. They can include: cash, money market instruments or marketable securities. In comparison, fixed assets are long-term tangible pieces of property or equipment that a company owns and uses in its operations to generate income. Additionally, there are longer procedures for converting them into cash again.

In which cases are you eligible for business immigration with assets of your company?

Liquid assets are not a basis for applying for business immigration. In order to be able to employ foreigners or be a contender for business immigration, your company would need to purchase fixed assets. You need to use them for your company’s core business activity. Depending on the business activity, this can be real estate, company car or equipment for your LTD company.

To be eligible for business immigration, your company has to spend at least 50.000€ to fixed assets within the first 6 months of company registration. It can be either one asset in that amount or you can opt to purchase several items, as long as they cost together at least 50.000€.

In case you do not make the investment – what options of business immigration through the company exist?

Investing into fixed assets of the company is not the only option of business immigration. If you do not decide for this possibility, your company can fulfill other conditions like:

  • employing an EU citizen for 6 months on a full workday,
  • or showing company revenue at least 10.000€/month for 6 consecutive months.

Fulfilling any of these three conditions offers the possibility to engage in business immigration through company registration.

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