Revenue of the company – business immigration to Slovenia

Revenue of the company – business immigration to Slovenia

Doing business in Europe often requires on-site monitoring of the business conduct to ensure that the processes are running smoothly. Non-EU citizens can open a company in Slovenia but in order to be present in Slovenia longer or employ other non-EU staff, the company has to fulfill specific conditions for business immigration. It means that the company is then able to employ foreigners who can relocate to Slovenia and become employees of the company. There are three different conditions through which a company becomes eligible for business immigration to Slovenia and one of them can be a certain amount of monthly revenue of the company in Slovenia.

Are you considering company registration in Slovenia?

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Data d.o.o. has been offering services of support to entrepreneurs for more than 28 years. Our 40 experiences professionals will make sure that your company does business in Slovenia in accordance to the legislation. We provide accountancy services and tax consultation which can assess your company’s monthly revenue. Additionally, we have a team of legal advisors. They can help you to understand the conditions of business immigration to Slovenia in adequate detail. Data d.o.o. also provides services of virtual office if your company needs a business address.

Business immigration to Slovenia, EU, starts with company registration

Starting or expanding a business to Slovenia starts with company registration. Non-EU citizens can register an LTD company with 7.500€ share capital. If you have an existing company abroad and would like to conduct your business in Europe, you also have the option to open a subsidiary or branch office. After the company is registered, you can choose between three conditions for showing active business conduct, one of them being monthly revenue.

Business immigration to Slovenia, EU, by showing monthly revenue at least 10.000€ for 6 months

If you have a developed product or service, with which you will start generating income quickly after company registration, you can start showing a monthly revenue that would enable business immigration to Slovenia. To fulfill this condition, you would need to generate a monthly revenue of at least 10.000€. You would have to continue this revenue for 6 consecutive months, without breaks. All months require at least 10.000€ revenue and you cannot drop below this amount.

Revenue means that you receive income from your business activity. It is usually proven by issued invoices to clients and received payments from them to your company bank account. If you continue to generate this revenue for 6 months, you can apply for work and residence permit for you and your non-EU staff in the 7th month.

Are there other options for business immigration through company registration?

If you would like to become eligible for business immigration sooner or think you would not be able to generate this amount of revenue, you also have other options.

You can also fulfill the condition of making a 50.000€ investment to the company’s fixed assets. This means that your company purchases something related to your business activity in the amount of at least 50.000€. Here you have a timeline and you need to make this purchase within the first 6 months from company registration. The purchase has to be related to your company’s business activity. It can range from purchasing real estate, company car, equipment.

The other possibility you have is to employ an EU citizen. As with the option for revenue, this possibility takes 6 months to complete. You have to employ them for 6 months on full-time. After paying them salary for at least 6 months, you can apply for your work and residence permit or start employing non-EU staff. It is sufficient to employ only one EU citizen to fulfill this condition.

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