Ideas for business activity in Slovenia, EU

Ideas for business activity in Slovenia, EU

Have you been considering opening a company in Europe and have come across the possibility to do so in Slovenia? Learn which ideas for business activity are most commonly chosen by foreigners who decide to start their business in Slovenia.

Frequently chosen ideas for business activity of a company in Slovenia, EU

While local citizens tend to choose a wide variety of ideas for their business, foreigners tend to stick to a more specific list of ideas when opening a company in Slovenia.

As Slovenia has become more known in the world and there is a wide scope of people visiting it, foreigners like the idea of opening a tourist agency in Slovenia. They offer both travel packages as well as the possibility to hire a local guide for their trip to Slovenia.

Tourism has increased the demand for accommodation, especially in bigger towns like Ljubljana, Bled or the coast. This is why foreigners often decide to open a company, purchase real estate and them provide long-term or short-term accommodation.

With bigger cities becoming more multi-cultural, international cuisine also made its way to Slovenia. Hence, many foreigners decide to bring their own country’s cuisine here by opening a restaurant in Slovenia.

There is a lot of demand for IT solution as well as online stores for international products, so both of those business ideas are worth thinking about when doing business in Europe.

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Bring your business ideas to life by opening a company in Slovenia!

The first step to fulfilling your business ideas is to establish a company in Slovenia. Non-EU citizens can open an LTD company with 7.500€ founding capital.

When registering an LTD company, you have to provide:

You would have to personally come to Slovenia to sign the act of establishment and open the bank account. Keep in mind, that Slovenian legislation allows you to register more business activities within one company, if you have several business ideas that you plan on fulfilling. Some of them are regulated business activities and would require a license before you can offer the service here.

If you need help opening a company in Slovenia, Data will happily offer support!

You do not have to start your business in Slovenia alone – Data d.o.o. is a partner you can trust in the process.

We can assist you to obtain the necessary documents for company registration. You can also register the LTD company at our VEM point free of charge.

Our skilled legal department can help you understand what legislation each of your business ideas has to abide by. They can also draft contracts for you.

We also provide accountancy services and tax consultation.

If you require a business address, Data d.o.o. can offer you services of virtual office.

For more information on company registration in Slovenia, you can write to our email You can also contact us over the phone 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp). You can also follow us on Facebook.

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