Rating of companies in Slovenia for 2019 by agency AJPES

Rating of companies in Slovenia for 2019 by agency AJPES

2019 has been a successful year for business in Slovenia. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services (AJPES), was able to give out credit ratings for 2019 now. This is because the due date for yearly financial report was extended from the end of March to the end of May. We are presenting you with the result for company credit ratings in Slovenia for 2019. According to the results, it was also a very successful year for business.

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What is a credit rating?

AJPES prepares the credit rating on the basis of information within the company’s yearly financial reports. Here, the Slovenian credit rating base on the model S.BON AJPES. They also assess what the likelihood is that the company would fall under one of the default events within 12 months from submitting the yearly financial report. The default events also include: initiation of processes of bankrupcy, compulsory settlement or compulsory liquidation.

How does the S.BON AJPES credit rating scale look like?

The S.BON AJPES model divides the Slovenian companies in 10 credit rating classes. The class depends on the company’s credit risk. Here, the ratings range from SB1 to SB10. SB1 is the best credit rating and SB10 is the worst.

The credit ratings are divided into the following three groups:

  • SB1, SB2, SB3, SB4, SB5 and SB6: The average foreseen likelihood of default events is lower than the Slovenian average;
  • SB7:  The average foreseen likelihood of default events is equal to the Slovenian average;
  • SB8, SB9, SB10:  The average foreseen likelihood of default events is considerably higher than the Slovenian average due to exponential growth.

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AJPES assesses very successful business conduct of companies in 2019!

AJPES has assessed in their credit ratings that the business conduct of Slovenian companies was very successful in 2019. The following elements increased:

  • number of employees,
  • also average monthly salary,
  • NET income from sales
  • also profit from business conduct,
  • NET profit.

Assessment after credit ratings are the following:

2019 In comparison to 2018
Number of companies 67.178 + 429
Number of employees according to work hours 519.505 + 23.382
Average salary per employee 1.714 + 58
Income 103.892 million EUR + 4%
Income on foreign markets 43.049 million EUR + 7%
Expenses 98.452 million EUR + 4%
NET added value 24.288 million EUR + 10%
NET added value per employee 46.752 EUR + 5%
The number of insolvent legal entities 3660 –  3%

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