Pensions in Slovenia: are you familiar with all six types?

Pensions in Slovenia are you familiar with all six types

Pensioners, the National Assembly of Slovenia adopted an extraordinary alignment of pensions. This means that pensions will rise in December. This time, the pension payout will be remarkably 2 percent in relation to the amount of the pension. In today’s article, however, we turn to the basics. We will introduce you to pensions based on pension and disability insurance. Most persons in employment in Slovenia are awaiting the decision of the Pension and Disability Insurance Institute of Slovenia (ZPIZ) on retirement at the end of their working career.

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Old-age pensions

To qualify for an old-age pension, you must meet the following conditions:

  • 60 years of age and 40 years of pensionable service without a purchase
  • 65 years of age and 15 years of insurance

You can also retire at a lower age if you claim a reduction in the age limit (e.g. due to care for every child born or adopted, for compulsory military service, entering compulsory pension and invalidity insurance before the age of 18, etc.)

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Early pensions

You can enforce this if you are 60 years old and have 40 years of pensionable service (which does not fully represent a pensionable period without a buy). The pension period shall cover all periods of insurance and special periods. Insurance period e.g. covers the period of compulsory and voluntary admission to compulsory insurance. As well as it covers periods for which contributions have been paid (e.g. length of pensionable service, a recognized period of care for the child). The examples listed (the amount of pensionable service, the recognized period of care for the children, etc.) are not part of the pensionable period without a purchase.

The early pension is measured according to the completed pension age from the pension base in the same way as the old-age pension. The pension thus measured is then reduced by 0.3 percent for each month of missing age until the age of 65 (applicable to female and male).

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Partial pensions

A partial pension may be obtained by an individual to facilitate the transition from active status to that of a retired person. In doing so, the individual has both the status of the insured person and the status of the beneficiary of the pension.

40 percent of old-age pension

If you are covered by compulsory insurance for full working or insurance time and you qualify for an old-age pension, 40 percent of the old-age pension will be paid to you. Thus however only from the date of fulfillment of the conditions and maximum from the first next day when the application was handed in.

Widow’s and survivor’s pensions

In principle, the survivor’s pension is due to the children of the deceased up to the age of 15 or until the end of school – but not more than 26 years of age. A child who becomes completely unfit for work also has a right to this type of pension – even after the age of 15 or after the schooling ended or at the age of 26. It is important that the family supported him/her until his/her death.

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Invalidity pensions

An insured person that becomes invalid has the right to the invalidity pension. If the insured person fulfills the conditions for obtaining two or more compulsory insurance pensions, he may enjoy only one. This means he needs to choose one unless otherwise provided by law.

For more information on the conditions for obtaining the right to each type of allowance for the elderly, please read on the ZPIZ website.

Pensioners – how to make extra earnings?

We get a lot of calls from seniors into our company. You’re asking us how you can make extra money to make a better time and maybe afford some treats. Vital pensioners can earn an extra euro in these ways:

  • starting a company S.P. or D.O.O.;
  • you can enter into a temporary and occasional work contract for pensioners;
  • working through an agreement and a copyright contract;
  • you can register to do personal complementary work

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