Invoice on the company name can be issued only after the registration of the company

Invoice on the company name in Slovenia, EU

Potential entrepreneurs often do not know that they invoice on the company can be issued only after the company is established and active.

In practice, entrepreneurs often expect, that they can ask for the invoice on the company name of the services provided to them at the day when they arrive to the One stop shop office to register sole proprietorship or private limited company, which is, based on the explanation from tax office, not available.

Invoice on the company name can be issued after the legal entity has been registered in the court register – company register of Slovenia (AJPES). Other expenses arising prior to the establishment of the company, for example, travel expenses, bureaucratic procedures or training, can not be used as the company costs, and are not recognized for tax purposes in the subject of business activity, explained at the tax office – Furs.

Also a company can issue invoice for provided only after it appears in the register – after the registration of the company. The entrepreneur must, prior to issuing invoice, wait to get the decision about registration of the company to the address indicated in the registration procedure at the “One stop shop”.

If you are interested in registration of company in Slovenia, you need to obtain only Slovenian tax number and certificate of non-criminal record in Slovenia. Both documents can we arrange for you by power of attorney signed from your side. At te registration procedure at our company VEM point, you must also provide a verified statement of the owner of the premises, where you will have a legal address of your company and put on a temporary bank account a founding capital. Minimum sum of founding capital is 7.500 euro.

The company will be in the court registry within a week, and you can already for all costs associated with the activities of the company require to put an invoice on the company, using the company’s tax number.

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