Labor cost per hour – Slovenia is below the European average

labor cost per hour

Labor cost per hour in Slovenia are below the European average. How much is the cost? Where is it the lowest? Where is it the highest? Thinking of starting a business in Slovenia? Keep reading. You fill find out what will be labor costs.

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What is labor cost per hour in Slovenia

Let’s look at the study Eurostat published. They studied labor cost per hour accross the EU. All in all, the data shows that Slovenia is under the European average. The amount is lower, compared to other member countries. Slovenian employers pay €23.10 per hour on average. What goes into the cost? Wages and bonuses, of course. But also other compensations, taxes and social security contributions for employees. This data is specifically for the year 2022. In comparison, the general European average was €30.5 in 2022. However in the Euro area, the average was €34.4.

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Big differences between EU member states

The average labor cost per hour differs from contry to country. Although the data we are looking at doesn’t include all sectors. it excludes agriculture, forestry and fishing. There is also no data for public administration and defense. In 2022, Bulgaria and Romania had the lowest costs. Only €8.2o in Bulgaria and €9.5o in Romania. The higherst cost, however, was €50.7o. This amount was the average in Luxembourg. Text were Denmark (€46.80) and Belgium (€43.50). However the report also includes Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein. Together with the EU, they form the EEA. The European Economic Area. In Norway, for example, the labor cost per hour was €55.60.

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Slovenia in comparison with neighbouring countries

Slovenia shares borders with four countries. Austria and Italy had higher labor cost per hour. In Austria, the average was €39. In Italy it was €29.40. On the other hand, Croatia and Hungary had lower costs than Slovenia. However Slovenia offers other benefits for business immigration. So, Slovenia is great choice for establishing business in EU. Above all, the nature is simply stunning. From sea to mountains in one hour. Unique! Want to know more? Don’t hesitate! Call us on Viber or WhatsApp +386 40 530 718 . 

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