Opening a company for selling of fuel in Slovenia

Opening a company for selling of fuel in Slovenia

The conditions to conduct business of selling fuel in Slovenia

A company that wants to conduct business of  selling fuel in Slovenia and perform the activities of a gas station has to obtain an excise license prior to the start of conducting business. Based on the excise license the company can later form an excise warehouse, where the storage and shipment of fuel takes place under certain regulations.

In addition, a company that conducts business of selling fuel has to register to pay ecologic taxes at least 15 days before it starts to conduct business

Opening a gas station in Slovenia

If you want to build a gas station on a certain place in Slovenia, you firstly have to check whether the spatial plan of the municipality predicts a gas station on that location.

If you decide to build a gas station on a certain location, you have to request a construction permit and connect yourself with planners to create the documentation, which is a necessary attachment to the application for the construction permit. An integral part of this permit is also a study on the assessment of the environmental impact and consent to protect wildlife and nature. The application for the construction permit is submitted to the administrative unit, to the department of environment and spatial planning.

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