Travel to Slovenia and EU: digital green certificate

Travel to Slovenia and EU digital green certificate

Travel to Slovenia and EU will be made easier by the digital green certificate

The EU is starting to introduce the digital green certificate for its citizens just before the summer tourist season. It will be available on the zVem portal in Slovenia. The citizens will need to have an smsPass mobile identity or a digital certificate to obtain it. They will be issued on the basis of data in the Central Register of Patient Data. The system will come to life on July 1st of the year 2021. This will make travel to Slovenia and the other EU states easier.

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Digital certificate in Slovenia / EU – who will have access?

On the zVem portal, the citizens can get the digital green certificate with an smsPass mobile identity or a digital certificate. You can also obtain them at your doctor. Authorized persons at the NIJZ will also have access to them. They will be able to issue them upon request and send them by mail. Using them will make travel to Slovenia from other EU countries a lot easier. This is because the whole EU will be using the same system. Our legal experts will also follow the updates on this matter.

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Travel to Slovenia with a digital green certificate – how will it look like?

The digital green certificate will be designed so that people can store it on a mobile device or in paper form. Both the mobile and paper versions will have a QR code that will contain all the data. The documents will also have a digital stamp that will prove that it is real. They will contain information such as the name, the date of birth, date of issue and information about the vaccine, test or disease. Only home countries will be able to store the data.

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Other valid options to travel to Slovenia

The digital green certificate will enable an even simpler procedure to travel to Slovenia and from it. All EU Member States will accept them. In addition to making it easier to travel to Slovenia, they should also make it possible to check people for visits to the hotels, restaurants and events. It will also make business in Europe easier.

The digital green certificates will not be the only option for the travel. Namely, they will still take into account the other proof when crossing the border.  This will include the vaccination certificates, negative tests and the medical notes. We will post all additional updates on our Facebook and Instagram.

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