Fixed asset of a company in Slovenia: investment for business immigration

Fixed asset of a company in Slovenia: investment for business immigration

A fixed asset is a long-term tangible piece of property or equipment that a company owns and uses in its operations to generate income. Entrepreneurs who start their business in Europe usually acquire a certain amount of fixed assets in order to start their business activity. What possible fixed assets can you buy in a company in order to qualify for business immigration?

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Fixed asset of a company – definition

Fixed assets are items that a company buys and uses in order to generate income. They appear in the balance sheet of the company as property, plant and equipment and are sometimes called capital assets. The company usually buys it for production or supply of goods or services, for rental to third parties or for use in the organization. Fixed assets are subject to depreciation to help represent the lost value as the assets are used.

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How can fixed assets relate to business immigration to Slovenia?

Registering a company in Slovenia gives you the possibility to engage in business immigration both for the representative as well as for the non-EU staff. But it is not automatic – purchasing fixed assets is one of the possibilities to apply for work and residence permit.

One of the possibilities to engage in business immigration is purchasing fixed assets in the accumulated amount of 50.000€. The purchased items have to relate to your company’s business activities. For example, companies offering long-term and short-term rental facilities, can buy residential property as fixed assets. Restaurants can buy restaurant premises or kitchen and dining equipment. Transport companies can buy vehicles with which they will conduct the transportation. IT companies can also buy an office, computer or servers. Wholesale trading companies can buy warehouse facilities. The majority of business activities can justify buying an office as a fixed asset. The most important element of the purchase that the cost for the fixed asset is at least 50.000€ and that the purchase is made within the first 6 months from company registration.

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