How to start a restaurant in Slovenia, EU – a short guide

How to start a restaurant in Slovenia, EU - a short guide

One of the most popular business activities that foreigners register when starting a business in Slovenia is a restaurant. This is because the culture of eating away from home is quite wide-spread and due to the demand of multicultural cuisine by both locals and foreigners who either visit or relocate to Slovenia. Slovenia offers a good agricultural basis for nurturing good food products, chefs and experienced servers. But to diversify the selection of international cuisine in Slovenia, a good business idea for Slovenia would be opening a restaurant and offering your national cuisine within it. If you do not know how to proceed, we can explain how to start a restaurant in Slovenia.

Data d.o.o. has been offering support for business in Europe through company registration in Slovenia for 30 years. Additionally, we also provide accounting services and virtual office. Our specialized legal department can also help you to explain how to start a restaurant in Slovenia according to Slovenian legislation.

How to start a restaurant in Slovenia? Firstly, you need to open a company.

In order to be able to start a restaurant in Slovenia, you would firstly need to register a company. As a non-EU citizen, you can register an LTD company with 7500€ share capital. If you already have a company abroad, you can also open a subsidiary or representative office to start a restaurant in Slovenia.

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Your company will have to fulfill conditions in order to start the restaurant business activity

The restaurant business activity involves fulfilling specific conditions in order to conduct it according to Slovene legislation. They relate mostly to the technical standards of the business premises and the hygienic standard when dealing with food products.

When you start a restaurant in Slovenia, you need to ensure minimal technical standard of the dining premises, specific outdoor premises and ensuring that the work scheduled is approved by the municipality.

The business premises have to include a kitchen, dining and bar area and a toilet for the guests. Additionally, you need to ensure a dressing room and toilet for employees.

When starting a restaurant, you will also have to be able to offer a list of warm and cold dishes, as well as beverages.

In your restaurant, you would have to provide a price list. There are also certain limitations when selling tobacco and alcoholic products, for which you would need an additional permit. Additionally, you would need to abide by HACCP standards on food safety.

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