Founding capital for Ltd company – how much is it?

Founding capital for Ltd company

Are you ready to open a company in Slovenia? But you are not sure what is the founding capital for Ltd company? Founding capital for company registration in Slovenia is one of the conditions for the registration of a ltd company in Slovenia. Have you been also wondering what is the required documentation for company registration?  Do not worry. That’s why we are here. We can help you to set up a company in Slovenia! So, do you want to start business in Slovenia? Then call us at 00386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp). You can also send us an email at In this way you will also get all the answers. And you can open a company in just few steps! Don’t wait! Start your business now!

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Founding capital – Minimum amount for registration of a ltd company

The minimum amount of founding capital for the opening of a ltd company in Slovenia is € 7,500. What if company has several founders? Then amount can be divided between them.  You can put the share capital in cash or by transfer from your personal bank account. Do you need more information on how to do it? Then contact us!

Also, in case of establishing a subsidiary, you need to deposit founding capital. As a subsidiary is also a LTD company, where the owner is another legal entity instead of natural person, the minimal amount of founding capital is also 7.500€. When establishing a subsidiary, the parent company has to provide the founding capital through bank transfer.

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Founding capital – when do I need a larger amount?

The share capital is enough in the minimum amount for most business activities. In the case of certain activities, higher initial capital is required for registration. For example, when opening a company for international transport of goods and passenger transport. You must have a license to conduct this business. One of the conditions for obtaining a license is proof of financial condition. In case you would not buy vehicles for the company, but would rent them, the minimum initial capital is € 9,000. This is for the first vehicle and € 5,000 for each next vehicle.

You have a plan? But you need help? Don’t wait! Regarding additional questions about transport activities and licenses, do not hesitate to contact our legal experts at and receive advice from our business consultants.

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Branch office – registration without the founding capital

The branch office does not require founding capital and you have to register it at the notary. You will also have to provide the financial report for the previous year, act of establishment and extract from the business registry. In addition, you will have to translate these documents to Slovene language. Once you have submitted the documents to the notary, the company is registered within 14 days. A branch office is not required to have a bank account in Slovenia, it can use the parent company’s bank account. As soon as you have registered one of the companies, you can proceed to do business in Slovenia.

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