Temporary residence permit in Slovenia – EU

Temporary residence permit in Slovenia, Europe

To a foreigner, Republic of Slovenia can issue at first temporary residence permit in Slovenia. The application for which must be submitted at Slovenian diplomatic mission or consulate in the country of your residence or closest embassy.

Want to obtain temporary residence permit – we can help!

We are also concerned with difficulties that you will meet on your business way, but do not be afraid. Slovenia is full of possibilities, as it is very close to biggest European economy markets. Apart from that, our company will never let you alone in difficult situations. Our goal is to build business with you and share our experience. We have more than 50 specialists in fields of Slovenian legislation, taxes, finances, accounting system, HR consulting, European funds and grants and last but not least – marketing, which will make your business visible and in Slovenia and near abroad – depends on your wishes.

First temporary residence permit in Slovenia

First single temporary residence permit is issued for no longer than one year. After this period of time you have to prolong it. Under same conditions as you applied for single permit first time.

Who can obtain temporary residence permit

  • members of sport delegations.
  • persons who will take a part in humanitarian activities and charities.
  • reporters for foreign media.
  • persons who wish to take a part in Slovenian education system – students, underage school-obliged children (from 5 years on).
  • researchers or university teachers.
  • long-term residents in another EU member state.
  • EU Blue Card holders.

In case you do not find yourself in the group of persons written above, you have a possibility to employ yourself in Slovenian company. According to our experience the most convenient way to gain single work and residence permit is opening a company in Slovenia, where you will be consequently employed.

Register your own company and obtain temporary residence permit in Slovenia:

  • you are independent businessman.
  • have liberty to fully realize your own business idea.
  • moderate your work schedule individually, the same applies for your personal income.
  • you can employ your family members in a company, which is long-term investment for future generations.

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