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Temporary address registration in Slovenia obligations for foreigners

Temporary address registration in Slovenia: obligations for foreigners

The registration of temporary (or permanent) address is an alien’s obligation regulated by the Registration of Residence Act (UL RS, No. 52/16, hereinafter ZPPreb-1). A residence permit in Slovenia allows foreigners to enter and reside in the country. Depending on the type of issued permit, the foreigner is obliged to arrange a temporary address or a permanent address. Are you [...]

Obtain residence permit as EU citizen in Slovenia, EU

Obtain residence permit as EU citizen in Slovenia, EU – free webinar

At the company Data in Slovenia the consultants from various areas are performing online webinars. The topics are mostly related to business migration to Slovenia – opening the company in Slovenia, EU, most popular business activities, buying real-estate in Slovenia, how to obtain residence permit in Slovenia, etc. All webinars that we organize for foreigners are free of charge, so [...]

British citizens in EU after Brexit - options in Slovenia

British citizens in EU after Brexit – options in Slovenia

Brexit or British Exit out of the EU occurred on 31st January 2020. Since then, Britain is no longer in the European Union. Until the end of 2020, there is still the transition period in place. So, British citizens still have the same rights as other EU citizens until then. What will change for British citizens in 2021? Do you [...]

IT company in Slovenia and EU

IT company in Slovenia and in European Union

IT company in Slovenia – can also be opened by foreigners. In Slovenia, as a foreigner, you can open LTD and register relevant IT activities. Terms of opening LTD are the same for everyone, regardless of citizenship. You also don’t need to have a residence here to open an IT company in Slovenia. Establishing an IT company in Slovenia The procedure of registering a [...]

Business idea - clothing shop in Slovenia, Europe

Clothing shop in Slovenia, EU – business idea

Clothing shop in Slovenia, EU – business idea Anyone can register an LTD company in Slovenia. If you want to start with clothing shop in EU, to register a company in Slovenia is good idea! You can register your company at our offices in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The registration of clothing shop is free of charge, as also the registration of any [...]

Temporary residence permit in Slovenia, Europe

Temporary residence permit in Slovenia – EU

To a foreigner, Republic of Slovenia can issue at first temporary residence permit in Slovenia. The application for which must be submitted at Slovenian diplomatic mission or consulate in the country of your residence or closest embassy. Want to obtain temporary residence permit – we can help! We are also concerned with difficulties that you will meet on your business way, [...]

Invest in EU - business immigration to Slovenia

Invest in EU – immigration to Slovenia

Invest in EU, Slovenia: where to invest and how to obtain residence permit? Why is it a reasonable choice to make an invest in EU, Slovenia? It is wise to invest in EU – Slovenia because the economy is interested in foreign investment. Due to its strategic location in the heart of Europe. And with a very low crime [...]

Start a business in Slovenia, EU

Start your business at One Stop Shop – VEM

Start your business in Slovenia, EU Slovenia although small country offers several options for start your business – even if your main office is out of Slovenian borders. Starting a business in EU claims the same procedure for everyone, except from the fact that those who come from certain non-EU countries need to obtain visa on the first place. The [...]

Blue card EU in Slovenia

Blue card EU in Slovenia – what are the conditions?

The Blue card EU in Slovenia is a special permit for living and working in the Republic of Slovenia for foreign citizens (citizens of non-EU member states), who are highly qualified specialists. With Blue card EU you will obtain work and residence permit in Slovenia. Who can receive the Blue card EU in Slovenia? Firstly, you have to know, if you [...]

Setting up a company in Europe

Setting up a company in Europe

Setting up a company in Slovenia, Europe Setting up a company in Europe can be a great opportunity for any entrepreneur. It represents a simpler way to run a business across more than one European country. Setting up a company in Europe is very easy and fast. The procedure can be done within a day. If you already have a business, [...]