British citizens in EU after Brexit – options in Slovenia

British citizens in EU after Brexit - options in Slovenia

Brexit or British Exit out of the EU occurred on 31st January 2020. Since then, Britain is no longer in the European Union. Until the end of 2020, there is still the transition period in place. So, British citizens still have the same rights as other EU citizens until then. What will change for British citizens in 2021?

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Brexit and British citizens in Slovenia 

Since Britain is no longer part of the EU, British citizens have been trying to establish a valid status both for business as well as personal purposesUntil the end of 2020, the governments have agreed that there will be a transition period in which the citizens can handle their affairs within EU. So at least until then, British citizens are considered EU citizens.  They can do business or live in other EU countries under the same valid regulation.

If there will be no treaty regarding the exit signed until then, the so-called “hard Brexit” will occur, meaning that from that moment on, British citizens will fall under the same category as other non-EU nationals. It is still possible that the transition period would be extended but there is still no news of this occurring. 

So, in the meantime, British citizens can organize their life and business in the EU in order to have an exit strategy if “hard Brexit” occurs. Slovenia offers good possibility for life and business of British citizens. 

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British citizens and business in Slovenia 

Currently, British citizens can normally do business in Slovenia as all other EU citizens. They can open an LTD company, branch office or subsidiary. But as EU citizens, they can also open sole proprietorship and do business as a sole trader. 

Should “hard Brexit” occur and British citizens fall under the non-EU citizens category, opening a sole proprietorship would no longer be an option.

NowBritish citizens can get employed or self-employed in Slovenia without fulfilling additional conditions as they do not need work permitUnder “hard Brexit”, they would have to obtain work and residence permit for which the company employing them has to fulfill conditions of active business conduct 

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British citizens and residence permit in Slovenia 

Currentlyunder the status of EU citizensBritish citizens can apply for residence permit in Slovenia without particular grounds for their relocation. They do not need to have a job, property or a company in Slovenia to apply for residence permit. British citizens just need to have enough funds to support themselves in Slovenia and they can apply for the residence permit.

They can even bring their families with them under family reunification. The dependents, even if they are non-EU citizens, obtain the residence permit of close family member of EU citizen, which enables them to seek employment in any Slovenian company without additional work permit. This card will be valid even if “hard Brexit” occurs. But they have to obtain it before the end of the transition period. 

The Slovenian residence permit will enable British citizens to travel throughout Schengen area without additional visa even after the transition period ends.  

In case the transition period is not extended and there is no beneficial exit treaty, British citizens will fall under “non-EU” status in 2021. It means that they will need grounds to live in Slovenia – employment, study or family reunification. The residence permit will be connected to their status and they can only work in the company that has obtained the work and residence permit for them. Family reunification will be possible only after 1 year of their living in Slovenia. Also, they will initially receive temporary residence permit which they will have to extend on a yearly or bi-yearly basis.  

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