Posting abroad from Slovenia – salaries and new law proposal

Posting abroad from Slovenia - salaries and new law proposal

Posting abroad is a common feature of companies in Slovenia. However, posting abroad is expected to go through some changes. What would change? Would you need legal or tax advice? Don’t worry! Contact us and schedule a meeting! Also, you can schedule a meeting if you want to register a company! We would be happy to help you! You can send us an email at or call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp)!

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Posting abroad and law proposal – will the basis for contributions no longer be the salary for the same work in Slovenia?

To emphasize, there is a new law proposal on cross-border provision of services (ZČmIS). What is in it? Basically, the provisions in the law on pension and invalidity insurance that the salary received for the same work in Slovenia can be considered as earnings from which contributions are calculated for workers posted abroad would be deleted. To be precise, this means that the Economic and Social Council will set up a working group to study the effects of deleting this provision and to compare the arrangements in other countries. As a result, the new regime will enter in force on 1 January 2024. By the way, in order to post workers abroad, you need to obtain an A1 certificate. What is A1 certificate? Check our article about it!

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New changes to the Regulation on the tax treatment of compensations?

We see that there will be changes to the rules on posting abroad and the calculation of contributions. However, there will also be changes to the Regulation on the tax treatment of compensations of expenses and other income arising from the employment relationship. In 2022, the limit up to which compensations for meals during work and for commuting (mileage) are tax-free has already been increased. There are also plans to increase the limit for the tax-free amounts of other benefits. These include jubilee bonuses, solidarity grants, field allowances and benefits for students on compulsory work experience. Do yo want to know more about taxes in Slovenia? You can also check our free salary calculator!

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