Europe immigration statistics – Slovenia is a top choice in the EU

Europe immigration statistics - Slovenia is a top choice in the EU

According to international statistics the decision to relocate to Europe, for business or employment purposes, is a very popular choice amongst third-country nationals. Just last year more than 3 million non-EU citizens have received a residence permit for one of the EU member states. 1.2 million of them were issued for business or employment purposes. Amongst the Europe immigration statistics, Slovenia holds the 4th place amongst the 27 EU member states for issued residence permits based on the total population of the country.

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Europe immigration statistics

In total, the 27 EU member states issued 3 million first residence permits, 1.2 million of them for business or employment purposes. In total, Poland is the country with the most issued permits (724.000), with Germany (460.000) and Spain (320.000) following. But those are also one of the biggest countries in Europe so relative to the total population size, they do not hold the top spots.

In relation to population size, the Europe immigration statistics show that Malta issued the most permits, followed by Cyprus and Poland. However, Slovenia holds 4th place with 15 permits issued per 1000 population. These European immigration statistics compared the years 2014 and 2019. But the most astonishing statistics is that the amount of issued first permits almost tripled compared to 2014.

Europe immigration statistics – more information on Slovenia in 2020

According to the statistics of the Administrative Units of Slovenia, Slovenia has issued 69.531 residence permits to non-EU citizens from January to November 2020. These include both permanent residence permits, as well as first residence permit and extensions of the residence permits. According to the statistics, the institutions issued most of the permits from September onwards. Hence, it seems that the pandemic did not have an effect in the interest of foreigners for the country.

When it comes to the nationality, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina received the most residence permits (37.858). Kosovo (10.281) is next, followed by Serbia (10.132) and Northern Macedonia (4618).

From countries outside of the Balkan region, Russian citizens (1879) received the most residence permits . Ukraine followed with 976 permits, while Chinese citizens received 379 permits. One of the countries which saw a spike of issued permits compared to previous years, is Thailand with 113 permits.

Slovenia – a popular choice for Europe immigration

Despite the pandemic, Slovenia still remains an attractive choice for Europe immigration. This is mostly also due to the simple process of opening a company, which allows business immigration for the director and their family. It is also one of the safest countries in Europe, with low crime rate and high life standards. In addition, it offers the possibilities to engage in various scopes of business and business activity with the entire EU. Also, public primary and secondary schools are free of charge also for foreign citizens and the healthcare system is universal.

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