Necessary documents for opening a business in Slovenia

Necessary documents for opening a business in Slovenia

Do you consider opening a business, but don’t know what are the necessary documents you need to prepare? Don’t worry! You are on the right place! We at DATA prepare the necessary documents for registration of an Ltd (limited liability company) or s.p. (sole proprietorship). Then, what are the necessary documents? Let’s find out! Meanwhile, if you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp)! We at DATA provide full support in the process of opening a business!

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Necessary documents for opening a business – Ltd registration

In essence, if you decide to register an Ltd at a DATA point, you will not be alone! Our referent will assist you in the entire process! In that case, you will prepare:

  • the deed of incorporation,
  • the resolution that appoints a representative,
  • the resolution that determines the business address of the company,
  • the representative’s declaration,
  • the resolution on the company’s electronic address and,
  • the form for submission of tax information for the Financial Administration

Moreover, you will also prepare a declaration from the owner of the building for the company’s business address. As a result, the referent will be able to electronically submit the documents to the registration court once he/she receives the last necessary document for the application from the shareholder. This is the receipt for the payment of the minimum capital. Besides that, do you want to know more about the initial capital for opening a business? Also, do you want to know how to grow your business in Slovenia? Our experts will be happy to help you! You can email us at  and get all the answers!

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Necessary documents for registration of s.p.

Do you want to register an s.p. instead? Don’t worry! We are with you in this process as well. By comparison with Ltd, here you will prepare the data for entry in the AJPES business register, tax register (FURS) and the registration of data for insurance (M1 form). What is more, the necessary documentation for opening a business that you still need to prepare is the declaration of the owner of the building. Who prepares this? Normally, if you are not the owner or co-owner of the building, then you need to receive a consent of the owner. In that case, the owner declares a separate form that he/she agrees to be appointed as a representative. Do you want to know more about business address in Slovenia? Do you find this generally helpful? Perhaps you consider business immigration to Slovenia? Contact us! Our experts will be happy to help you!

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Registration of complementary activity

To add on, when an individual has a full-time employment relationship and wishes to be active as an entrepreneur, he or she can register a complementary activity. What is that? This is afternoon or half s.p. In this case, the same documentation is prepared in the registration of a supplementary activity as in the case of a regular s.p. However, the only difference is in the registration of the social security information. In the context of a half s.p., an M12 form is prepared for registration and payment of the flat-rate contribution. Although, just like a regular sole proprietorship, a half s.p. can appoint a proxy in its business, who fills in a form and agrees to be appointed as proxy for the s.p.

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Do you want to become an entrepreneur? Do you have a business idea, but you also have fear of risks? We at DATA can help you overcome them! Our rich experience of 30 years continues to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses in Slovenia! Do you want to register an Ltd or s.p.? You don’t know which one? We can help with all the dilemmas! Contact us and get in touch with our experts! We provide high quality tax and legal services! Your process can be very smooth with our help! Don’t wait! Start the new year ambitiously! Last but not least, if you want to follow our work, please follow our Facebook page!

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