Number of shareholders in a company

Number of shareholders

Number of shareholders in a company – how many members can there be?

Number of shareholders in a Slovenian company is one of the most common questions heard by our advisors. If 50 euros is the minimum capital contribution of one shareholder and the minimum share capital for the establishment of a company is € 7,500, then we can assume that one ltd company may have 150 shareholders. But that is not true! Why? Find out in this article about the number of shareholders.

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Shareholders at a company – what does the law on legal entities say?

The Law on Enterprises also says that a company can have a maximum of 50 shareholders. It can have more of them only with the permission of the Ministry of Economy. Each member can make a basic contribution at the time of founding the company. Also based on that has a part of the holding. One additional € 50 basic contribution will give the shareholder one vote. 

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Shareholders agreement 

The shareholder agreement is prepared in VEM form or in the form of a notarial deed. In the case of company registration at a given point, a shareholder agreement is also prepared in VEM form. And it is an elementary shareholder agreement that does not contain special articles that would determine specific relations between shareholders. 

How to register your company in Slovenia?

What must a shareholder agreement contain?

The shareholder agreement must contain:

  • name, surname and address of each shareholder or company.
  • also the seat of the company and the main activity of the legal entity the amount of the founding capital.
  • Name and surname of the representative of the legal entity.
  • e-mail address of the legal entity that will be made public additional activities of the company.

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Number of shareholders – What do the shareholders decide on?

What do the shareholders decide on? They decide on:

  • adoption of the annual report and use of profits
  • conditions for payment of basic contributions
  • return of payments
  • divide and terminate shares
  • establishing managers
  • measures to review and monitor the work of managers

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