Naming your business in Slovenia/EU

Naming your business in SloveniaEU

When you are naming your business in Slovenia, it needs to meet all legal regulations. The name of the company has to be something that you can also use on the foreign markets. It is also important that it is not similar to the name of an already existing Slovenian company. Many times the name of the company is associated with the activity that your company does.

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Naming your business in Slovenia – which names can you use?

The company name can contain foreign words and foreign letters. It also has to include the business activitiy in the long name, which has to be in Slovenian language. The other parts of the company name may also contain letters of a foreign alphabet. These letters are: X, Y, W, Q. You can now more easily enter foreign markets with your company and do business in Europe since you can be naming your business in the language of your target market.

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Naming your business in Slovenia – what are the restrictions?

There are some restrictions when naming your business:

  • the name must not contain the names and symbols of countries or international organizations;
  • the word Slovenia and the abbreviations of it, the flag and coat of arms may be used in the name of the company only with the approval of the government;
  • you must get the approval of the government, if you plan to be naming your business with names of the state or the cities;
  • the name and surname or pseudonym of a famous person may be used only with the approval of the next of kin and the Ministry of Public Administration, if the person has already passed away;
  • the name of the company must not contain the words and signs that are contrary to the law or morality. They cannot contain a trademark name or imitate official marks.

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