Holidays in 2022 in Slovenia:important info for entrepreneurs

Holidays in 2022 in Slovenia:important info for entrepreneurs

Holidays in 2022 in Slovenia – most holidays fall on a working day

Holidays in 2022 in Slovenia – how many are there? Five holidays (non working days) will fall on Saturday or Sunday. And eight will be on working days. This year (2021) the situation was different. During the year we had 6 holidays that fell on weekdays and the other seven were on weekends. This is also an important information for entrepreneurs. For those who run or also plan to start their own business in Slovenia.

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How many holidays in 2022 in Slovenia are there?

Next year there will also be eight non working holidays in Slovenia. Below you can also find all non working holidays.

  • February: Prešeren s Day, Slovenian cultural holiday (Tuesday)
  • April: Easter Monday (Monday)
  • April: Day of Resistance to the Occupier (Wednesday)
  • May: Labor Day (Monday)
  • August: Assumption of the Blessed Virgin (Monday)
  • October: Reformation Day (Monday)
  • November: Day of Remembrance of the Dead (Tuesday)
  • December: Independence and Unity Day (Monday)

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Holidays in Slovenia – some of them fall on Saturday or Sunday

Many holidays in 2022 in Slovenia fall on weekend. The following 5 holidays fall on the weekend:

  • January: New Year (Saturday)
  • January: New Year (Sunday)
  • May: Labor Day (Sunday)
  • June: Statehood Day (Saturday)
  • December: Christmas (Sunday)

It should be also noted here that Easter and the Feast of Pentecost, always fall on a Sunday.

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Which are not public holidays ?

In Slovenia, we also celebrate holidays that are not public holidays. On June 8 we celebrate the Day of Primož Trubar. And on August 17 the Association of Coastal Slovenes with the local people. September 15  return of Primorska to the homeland. And September 23 Slovenian sports day. The working day is October 25, when we celebrate Sovereignty Day. And Rudolf’s Master’s Day, which falls on November 23. Many holidays in 2022 in Slovenia fall on weekend.

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