Documents for opening a branch office in Slovenia

Documents for opening a branch office in Slovenia

Opening a branch office is a popular choice of company type for entrepreneurs who already have an existing business abroad. This way they have the possibility to start their business in Europe but not by opening an entirely new company. They can open a branch office, which can be used for marketing the services of the parent company on different territories.

What is a branch office?

A branch office is not an entirely separate legal entity. It is a part of the parent company and hence dependent on the mother company. It means that is cannot exist without the parent company and the parent company also makes sure to support if financially.

Because of all these reasons the branch does not require founding capital in the process of company registration.

It does, however, require a larger set of documents from the parent company in order to register it and to start your business in Slovenia.

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Documents that you need in order to register a branch office in Slovenia

The registration of the branch is done at the notary. It would not require your physical presence in Slovenia if you authorize someone else to register it on your behalf.

There are some documents that you need to prepare from the parent company. Those are:

  • act of establishment;
  • financial report for the previous business year;
  • extract from the business registry from the parent company that is not older than 3 months.

In addition, you will have to prepare a decree about branch establishment, as well as a statement from the representative of the branch office that he agrees to being a representative.

Also, the parent company and the representatives have to obtain Slovenian tax numbers before registering the branch office.

Once you have gathered the documents, you can proceed to branch office registration at the notary. After submitting the documents, the branch office will be registered within 14 days.

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