Buying a company in Slovenia

Buying a company in Slovenia

Buying a company in Slovenia looks simple, but before you decide on such a big step, you have to think about it carefully. The main problem is presence of founding capital. For a private limited company limited (LTD) the founding capital must not be less than 7.500 EUR. Depositing the founding capital is a necessary condition.

Buying a company in Slovenia without depositing founding capital?

The sellers of existing companies say that the main advantage of buying a company are: the transfer of the company to the new owner goes at a predictable rate; the possibility of starting to conduct business right away after the purchase; avoiding certain bureaucratic procedures. However, the main advantage is that the new owner can avoid the deposit of the founding capital.

From a legal point of view, the sale and purchase of the company are not contested. The shares (100%) in a LTD company can be freely transferred (unless there are any restrictions or burdens entered in the Court Registry), and the debt of the founding capital can be transferred to another entity as well. However, before you decide to purchase a company you have to weigh in all the possible outcomes and be careful.

The buyer also receives all the debt of the company from the seller

Any prospective buyer has to know that the price that he/she will pay for the company will not be only mandatory payment. As we have already mentioned, it is necessary to return the 7.500 EUR in a loan agreement, which the buyer has to sign.

Additional payments will also be the cost of the notary’s services, the cost of the court interpreter and witnesses, who are required to be present at the notary if you do not speak Slovenian.

Please note that if you decide to buy a company and based on that submit an application for a single work and residence permit in Slovenia, the employment office can contact you and request additional requirements or ask questions. You would need to explain why you have decided to buy an existing company, which did not conduct business up until this point. There are many nuances regarding the paying of wages to the company’s employees – if there were any violations, it is possible that you would not be able to receive a residence permit in Slovenia.

Debts that are not present in the financial reports

Professional institutions verify the company that is being purchased in Slovenia and in most cases, this type of verification is enough but we recommend that you give special attention to the conduct of this company’s business from the moment of registration and in all stages, including the company’s activities on the Internet.

There is a real risk that after some time you will receive requests from organizations that are responsible for the conduct of this procedure to repay debt, which you did not even know about.

The idea of »saving money« is very attractive in this day and age. Nevertheless, after buying a company, it is very easy to become a debtor in your newly acquired company.

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