Assistance with company registration for foreigners

Assistance with company registration for foreigners

If you are thinking of starting your own business in Europe, you can consider Slovenia as a country where you can register your business. As a business destination, Slovenia is becoming quite popular amongst foreigners due to its location, economic stability and access to natural resources and infrastructure. We understand that even due to great conditions, it can be sometimes difficult to know all the details of what you have to think of in all stages of running your business.

Are you considering company registration in Slovenia?

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Because of this, company Data d.o.o. in Slovenia, has been specializing in offering full support in all stages of business in Slovenia. Our legal team has been focusing on helping foreigners understand Slovene business legislation. Additionally, we provide accounting services, tax consultation and services of virtual office. We will also explain in detail what these consultants can do for you and your Slovenian company.

Assistance with company registration

Business conduct starts with company registration in Slovenia. To register an LTD company, foreigners need to obtain a Slovenian tax number. Also, the company would need a business address and provide 7.500€ share capital.

Data d.o.o. can already assist in the first step when obtaining the Slovenian tax number. It is possible to obtain it through authorization and we can do that for you.

Also, Data d.o.o. is a licensed VEM point. It means that we have authorization to perform LTD registrations right here in our office, free of charge. Company registration at a VEM point is also possible for foreigners, so there is no need to visit a notary.

We can also provide services of virtual office. It means that your company’s business address would be registered at our address. Additionally, we will be authorized to receive your company’s mail and we can scan it and send it to you.

What can we offer foreigners after company registration?

After company registration it is advisable to leave the bookkeeping to a professional accountant. Being a foreigner, it is sometimes difficult to understand how to bookkeep your documents correctly and submit appropriate reports. At Data d.o.o. we offer professional accounting services and we will make sure that your documents are bookkept in accordance with Slovenian professional accountancy standards.

If you would be issuing invoices to companies within the EU, you would need to apply for a VAT number for your company. It is also a service we can offer to apply for your company’s VAT number on your behalf. The accountants will also make sure to submit the tax reports to the Financial administration.

Our legal team can also assist you in registering the beneficial owners to the governmental registry after the company is registered.

Legal support in employing staff in your company

Foreigners sometimes decide to also do business immigration to Slovenia after the company registration. Our legal team can assist them to understand the conditions they have to fulfill in order to be employed in the company.  We also have a department that prepares the applications for work and residence permit and sees through the procedure after the applicant submits the application.

Additionally, the legal advisors can also help you to have everything ready for employment of your staff. They prepare employment contracts and can enroll the employee to Slovenian social security funds. The accountants can then start doing the salary calculations. We can also assist in organizing the safety at work seminars and medical checkups for your staff, both Slovenians and foreigners.

The legal advisors will also inform you about every document you need to carry out your business activity. Some activities are a subject of occupational licensing and would require obtaining specific licenses. Also, they can consult you and prepare for you the internal regulations that the Slovenian registration requires.

If your employees will work in other EU countries, the legal team can explain the conditions for posted workers. They can prepare the appropriate annexes to their employment contracts. Also, they can request the A1 forms for posted workers on your behalf.

Even as a foreigner in a new country, you are never alone at Data d.o.o. We can help to take the bureaucratic burden off your shoulders, so that you can focus on your business and leave the formalities up to us.

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