Sending workers to EU countries with slovenian company

Sending workers to EU countries with company in Slovenia: form A1

Open a company in Slovenia and sending workers to EU countries is a common thing these days. If you establish a company in Slovenia you have a free way to all of the rest EU countries.

Company registration in Slovenia and sending workers to EU countries with form A1

With the A1 form, you can always prove that while working abroad, they are still covered by the social security system of the country where the workers are employed. This is very important for anyone who does business in Slovenia but also has clients in other EU countries.

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Obtaining the A1 form – what are the conditions?

Doing business in Europe can be a great opportunity to expand your existing business to other markets. But if you have a company in Slovenia, you must meet the conditions for your employees to work in other EU countries. In this case, each worker working abroad must have an A1 form. If you are a foreigner and want to get a job in your own Slovenian company and get an A1, you must first obtain a residence permit and a work permit. With this permit you can work and stay in Slovenia. After 30 days after the insurance (through employment) you have the right to receive an A1 form. Sending workers from Slovenia to work abroad is very important for anyone who does business in Slovenia but also has clients in other EU countries.

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Sending workers from Slovenia to work abroad in the EU – How to obtain A1 form?

Form A1 is obtained in the case of sending workers abroad from Slovenia. In this case, the employer can send the employee to work abroad only if he is employed in Slovenia! However, he can prove this if he meets the following conditions:

  • was registered for at least two months in the Commercial Register of Slovenia;
  • has an (unlocked) transaction account;
  • has a sufficient number of employees depending on the size of the company and the number of employees;
  • performs the activity it has registered,
  • does not violate important provisions of labor law,
  • that in the period prior to the submission of the application he offered all the calculations of the salaries of the employees;
  • not have unpaid tax liabilities.

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Sending workers from Slovenia abroad – where to get A1 form?

Form A1 issues the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (ZZZS). In addition, the ZZZS must verify that the employer complies with the placement requirements. The employer has to to inform ZZZS if the employee is not sent to work abroad. They receive data from the Slovenian Agency for Public Legal Documents and Related Services (AJPES). Also from the Financial Administration of Slovenia (FURS).

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