How to be a sole proprietor in Slovenia?

How to be a sole proprietor in Slovenia?

It is very common to conduct business as a sole proprietor in Slovenia. However, foreign nationals who are not citizens of the European Union cannot open this type of business form immediately after arriving to Slovenia. If you have chosen to start a business immigration to Slovenia, you can firstly open a Private Limited Company, where you can be a shareholder as a natural person.

What does it mean to be a sole proprietor in Slovenia?

A sole proprietor in Slovenian is shortly called s.p. Here, the entrepreneur is responsible for the company with all of his possessions (business and personal). If you open a business form of a sole proprietor in Slovenia, you will not need to invest any founding capital. Income tax ranges from 16-50 %, depending on your income. There is also a single rate, which is 20 %. There are also two ways of conducting accounting as a sole proprietor in Slovenia: an ordinary, double-entry bookkeeping and normalized costs.

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