Establish a catering company in Slovenia

Establish a catering company in Slovenia

Establish a catering company in Slovenia:step by step guide

Establish a catering company and start developing your business in Slovenia now! Every businessman who chooses to start business faces with many new things . So, in order to make the right decision, you need proper information. Don’t you agree? Also you need answers to many questions. Did you know that you can establish a company and hire a business consultant in Slovenia? In this regard , we offer several types of consulting services.

The entire process of setting up your own company is not complex. However, you will need support, right? Our company offers you a complete support in the entire process. Only with joined forces , Data company can make your dreams come true . Do you need more information? Only in one place you can also get all the information. All you have to do is to call us on VIber/WhatsApp +386 30 640 995 .

But how can you open a web shop in Slovenia/EU?

What conditions must be met to establish catering company?

First of all, it is important to know the conditions to start this business. Hence, you need to fullfil them. So, what this activity includes ? This activity includes the preparation and serving of food and drinks and the accommodation of guests. What else do you need to know? Catering establishments include hotels, motels, hotel and apartment settlements. Also includes other homes, camps, restaurants, inns, cafes, snack bars, bars and food preparation etc.

If you want to start a business in Europe, Slovenia is one of the options for company registration. Also to offer food from your homeland is a very good idea for business in Slovenia. But what do you need to run a restaurant? What is the next step ? Activities in this area may also overlap. This is because the activity of food catering establishments can be both independent and part of e.g., hotel activities. So, what are the conditions ? To perform catering activities and establish catering company, you need to met the following conditions:

  • minimum technical conditions,
  • conditions regarding minimum services in individual types of catering establishments ,
  • criteria and method of accommodation establishments,
  • to ensure food safety and safety and health at work.

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How to start a catering business in Slovenia?

All you need is an idea right? Are you ready for next step? If yes, then you can start your business in Slovenia right now. Owning a company in Slovenia  offers new opportunities. What is the first step? Do you want to establish a catering company ? To have a restaurant, you need to open a company first. Foreign citizens most often open the LTD type of company in Slovenia. To open it, you need a minimum initial capital of 7,500€. You deposit it in a bank account of your company. When you have set up the company, you can use this money for your business.

What else do you need to open a restaurant in Slovenia? Also, you need a Slovenian tax number to establish catering company. We can help you in the process. A company in Slovenia also needs a business address . In this regard, we provide virtual office services. So, what is a virtual office ? The virtual office service includes receiving and sending your mail. Do you also need office space? We also offer you a short term rental of office space for a meeting with your business partners.  You have a question ? Do you also know that you can have this in one place?  Then, call us on VIber/WhatsApp +386 30 640 995  and find out what we have to offer for you! Our legal experts can guide you every step of the way.

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