Business formation in Slovenia – starting up!

Business formation in Slovenia, EU

Business formation or building up your business from the ground in EU will be easy through Slovenia. Our company will support you and provide with all the necessary information. We have legal advisors who will help you, so that business formation in Slovenia starts smooth and legally right.

Business formation in Slovenia – what do you need?

The only documents that you need to register any kind of business in Slovenia is: passport, tax number in Slovenia and certificate of non-criminal record in Slovenia. Last two documents you obtain in Slovenia. Personaly or through power of attorney. We can obtain the documents in advance. Meaning, once you arrive to Slovenia to register the company, everything would be ready.

Second step – registration of the company

Secondly shareholders and director of the future company – come to Slovenia to register a company. Pay attention – before an entrepreneur decides for business formation in Slovenia, they must decide for the type of company. Will this be a private company limited by shares (LTD) where the owners or co-owners are natural persons. Will it be a subsidiary or a branch office? We can help with the necessary information– on what are legal obligations for each type of company.

Business formation in Slovenia is done at VEM points. The functions of VEM are: registrations of companies, for application of changes in different social insurances. And for regulation of other documents an entrepreneur needs in relation to the state.

Business formation – when can i start?

If you decided to register a company in Slovenia – you can contact us immediately. Upon business formation and entering the EU market by registering a company in Slovenia, we offer you comprehensive support. We will guide you through all the procedures before, during and after registration of your company. We also help with subsequent business operations of your company in Slovenia.

If you have more questions about – how to register business or any other question related with business, you can contact us. We Will be happy to answer your questions via email:, phone: +386 1 6006 270, Viber: +386 40 530 718. Follow us on Facebook.

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