How to open an auto repair shop in Slovenia?

How to open an auto repair shop in Slovenia?

Were you wondering, how to open an auto repair shop in Slovenia? What is necessary in order to open an auto repair shop in Slovenia? Opening an auto repair shop is one of the most perspective business ideas at the moment. The number of vehicles in Slovenia is increasing every year, which also increases the demand for auto repair shops.

How to open an auto repair shop in Slovenia and what are the conditions?

Firstly, it is necessary to register a company in Slovenia. Then you will have to choose a space that meets the technical requirements and make sure that the equipment meets the appropriate standards. The next step is to obtain a permit to perform this business activity.

The administrative tax that you have to pay when submitting the application is around 100 EUR. You can submit the application at the »One-Stop Shop« at the company DATA with the help of one of the business consultants. In order to submit the documents it is necessary for you to have proof of the appropriate education, recognized in Slovenia, and 6 years of experience in this field. If you yourself cannot meet these requirements, you can hire an employee with the appropriate education and experience and then obtain the permit.

The company DATA will gladly help you to register your business, as well as obtain licenses and permits, help you choose the appropriate space and gather all the necessary documents. You can find all the experts under one roof here at DATA!

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