Post workers abroad from Slovenia – A1 certificate and more!

Post workers abroad from Slovenia - A1 certificate and more!

Post workers abroad – how complex it is?

To post workers abroad is a complex process. Different rules define and manage that process. Does your company wish to post workers abroad? Is that one of your company’s plans? In that case, you can contact our legal advisors and get all the answers! They have rich experience of more than 30 years. Just call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) and schedule a meeting today!

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Post workers abroad – basic conditions

If you want to post workers abroad in EU, we recommend you look at the Act on the Cross-Border Provision of Services. This Act also sets out the conditions under which companies from other EU Member States may temporarily provide their services in Slovenia. If you need help with the conditions to post workers abroad, you are in the right place. Why? Because our legal advisors do that on a daily basis! And we can assure you they do it with great passion and will to help! Contact us and start your process today! We guarantee for high quality services!

How to get an A1 certificate?

How to get A1 certificate? Firstly, if employers post workers to other EU countries, EEA countries or Switzerland, they must obtain A1 certificates. To emphasize, you must obtain these before the workers go abroad to work. In essence, an A1 certificate is a document which confirms that the workers are still employed or compulsory insured in Slovenia while they work abroad. Do you find this helpful? Do you find the conditions problematic? If you want to hear more on how to get A1 certificate, our lawyers can certainly advise you!

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Apply via the SPOT website

Furthermore, you need to visit the SPOT website to make the application for an A1 certificate. Employers can make this application themselves (with the relevant digital certificate). Alternatively, you can authorize another person. You also need to provide a copy of the employment contract with the worker. In it there must be the possibility of working abroad. Moreover, you need to attach a scanned contract between your company and the client of the service abroad. Usually, the deadline to get the A1 certificate is 5 work day from receipt of the complete application. As a result, it is therefore important to plan the post well in advance. This is because you need to finish all formalities in time. Guess what? You can post workers abroad fast and easy with the help of DATA! Do you maybe want to start your business in Slovenia? We provide quality business consulting services!

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Post workers abroad – difference between countries

In addition, we need to point that the procedures differ depending on the countries to which the worker is posted. For instance, procedures differ if the country of post is:

  • EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland;
  • countries with which Slovenia has bilateral social insurance agreements (BA, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia);
  • the United Kingdom; or
  • countries not subject to the European acquis or bilateral social security agreements.

A1 certificate for a single posting or for workers working in several countries for one employer

When you post workers, an A1 certificate can be issued under Article 12 or Article 13 of Regulation (EC) No 883/2004. It can be for a single posting or for simultaneous employment for workers who normally work in several countries at the same time and for only one employer. Generally, you can make an application for an A1 certificate under Article 13 for drivers, repairers and other.

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DATA is your best business partner!

Are you an owner of a company and you want to post workers abroad? Contact DATA and get all the necessary information! We provide full support in the process. Our rich team of experts provides quality services. We help entrepreneurs grow their businesses in Slovenia for more than 30 years. Do you want to start your business journey? Don’t hesitate! Call us and start your process today! Last but not least, if you want to follow our work and the latest changes about business in Slovenia, please visit our Facebook profile!

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