Export and import with a business in Slovenia

Export and import with a business in Slovenia

Business in Slovenia – export and import

Would you like to start a business in Slovenia – export and import? What does Slovenia import and what does it export?

One of the most commons fields of business in Slovenia is export and import (trade between countries). If you decided to start a business in Slovenia, it is best if you are acquainted with the statistics of export and import in Slovenia.

Thus, the following products that Slovenia exports are listed in the descending order:

  • Cars
  • Packaged pharmaceuticals
  • Refined petroleum products
  • Auto parts
  • Electrical equipment and alarm systems

Slovenia imports the following products in the descending order:

  • Packaged pharmaceuticals
  • Cars
  • Packaged pharmaceuticals
  • Auto parts
  • Natural gas

Mostly, Slovenia exports products to Germany, then Italy, Austria, Croatia, France. It also imports mostly from Germany, Italy, Austria, China and Croatia.

Export and import – start a business in Slovenia

We would also like to point out that if you register your business in Slovenia, you can freely work with all EU countries, as within the EU there is no customs control. If you open business in Slovenia – export and import – there is no need to obtain any licenses and permits. The only thing is that if you export products from Slovenia to countries that are not members of the EU, you would have to obtain a CE certificate and go through customs clearance. However, our business consultants and lawyers at the company DATA would be glad to help you.

Export and import with a business in Slovenia – company registration

At our offices you can register your company with the help of our experienced referents. They Will help you to choose the right activities for your business. The procedure is free of charge!

We can, on your behalf, prepare all the documents for the registration before your arrival.

Our employees can also help you with all other issues that you might have while starting a business. We offer accounting services, business address, legal and tax consulting, support with obtaining work and residence permits, etc.

We offer free consultation, contact us now!

If you have more questions about export and import, do not hesitate to contact us! Write us an e-mail to the address data@data.si, give us a call on the telephone number, +386 1 6006 270, Viber/WhatsApp: +386 40 530 718.

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