Marketing with Slovenian/EU company

Marketing with Slovenian/EU company

Marketing with Slovenian/EU company

Marketing with Slovenian/EU company is exactly what you need! Promoting services is very important part of any company these days. As a result, more and more people choose to open a marketing company. Once they have company in Slovenia they can provide consulting services to other companies in EU. The best thing about registrating a marketing company in Slovenia is that you get EU market right away. In this article we will write about how to open a marketing company and company in general. We will explain what are the codes of activites that you can register in your company. In the next paragrafs you can find out what are the most popular activities of Slovenian companies.


Who can register marketing company?

All foreign citizens can register a company in Slovenia. They can register d.o.o. with the share capital of 7.500 €. But first it is necessary that foreigner has a Slovenian tax number. We can get it for all shareholders and representatives. However in the time of registration of the company, you must have a business address for your company too. Besides that non EU citizens also have the possibility of registering a subsidiary company or a branch office. They can register this form of company if they already have an existing LTD (d.o.o.) abroad. Are you non EU citizen? And you have a company outside of EU? Then you should definately consider about establishing a subsidiary company in Slovenia!


Registration of activities in marketing company

A company in Slovenia can register more than one activity. That way your business can cover various fields of marketing. Adevrtising agencies are most often registrated companies in Slovenia. Other activities of marketing that are also common are market and public opinion research. Also very common is corporate and business consulting. Do you already have a marketing company in your country?  Therefore you can open a brunch office or subsidiary company in Slovenia! EU market is waiting for you to promote it!


 Activities in marketing and their codes

  • “Forwarding an advertising space – (code 73.120)”. This includes providing space or location for advertising. Also providing time for advertising on media.
  • “Public relations activities”- (code 70.210). This includes consultations as well as direction and assistance to companies and other public related organisations.
  • “Activity of advertising agencies”- (code 73.110). In other words this covers the design and organization of campaigns, regardless of media. For instance newspaper or TV news.

Other corporate and business advisories

Other business and consulting activities (70.220) contains a wide range of advisory services. Most of them are closely related to marketing. Therefore, this activity includes consultations in marketing. Also they include personnel policy, assistance in planning and organization of work. Do you have expiriences in the field of marketing and organisation? Then you should definately consider about opening your own business.

If you ever decide to register a LTD company, all shareholders and directors have to be present. You would need to bring with you:

  • Slovenian tax number for all the directors and owners of the company.
  • Statement of the owner of the place where your company will be registered.
  • Valid passport of all shareholders and employees.

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