Setting up branch or subsidiary company in Slovenia

Setting up branch or subsidiary company in Slovenia

Setting up branch or subsidiary company in Slovenia

Setting up branch or subsidiary company poses questions for enterpreneurs. However, the choice is a difficult matter for them. Many businessmen see an opportunity to expand to Slovenia . Having a company abroad gives you wider options for starting a business . That means that you must decide between the type of company. What is the difference between a branch and a subsidiary ? Lets find out in the following paragraphs !

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Decision making : set up a subsidiary company

Data can help you in the process of registering your company. What is more, Data has 45 experts from various fields . Data has 28 years of experience in providing help to businessmen. Also helps them in starting their own business. This includes accounting, tax and financial services . In order to set up branch or subsidiary company you should firstly provide documents. Secondly , you need to provide representative’s passport and permanent address . Thirdly , you need to provide the name of the company.  Subsidiary company in Slovenia establishes a legal person and owner is a legal entity. The form of the company is d. o. o and it is limited by share capital .

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Choice – open a branch in Slovenia

The branch is not an independent legal entity. Branch and subsidiary company differ. Further, it can only register the same business activities as the parent company . With daughter company , you can register new business activities . In addition,  a branch company cannot exist without a parent company. The parent company has to include the activities of the branch. In specific , the activities in annual financial statements should be included . Branch is the type of company that you can register through attorney. Similarly, you register the branch in a notary office. In short , your presence is not required in Slovenia to complete the process. In this regard , you choose between branch and subsidiary company . Importandly, you decide which type of company is more attractive to you.

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Above all , you need to prepare a deed of incorporation of the parent company . An excerpt from the business register and an annual financial report too. All documents must be certified. You need to prepare a decree for the branch as well . Next , you will need a statement from the representative. At the end , you decide what you will establish . Whether a branch or subsidiary company , it is up to you !

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