Health and safety at work – what are employers’ obligations?

Health and safety

No matter the workplace, the employer must provide health safety at work through various measures. How does this work? What obligations does an employer have? This article will explore everything. Are you an employer or you want to open business in Slovenia? Do you want to know how to provide the adequate measures for health and safety at work after you register company in Slovenia?

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What obligations does the employer have?

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act (ZVZD-1), the employer must prepare a risk assessment. In essence, the employer must identify the hazards and determine how they can affect workers. That is the first step. He/She also needs decide whether the risks are acceptable and introduce and implement measures to eliminate the risks. In addition, employers must carry out training on health and safety at work. Are you an employer and you don’t know? Don’t worry! You can get your legally necessary training at DATA. Alongside all this, employers must also provide a preventive health check for the worker. For any other questions you can book legal consultant! Call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp)!

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When should I have an health and safety check?

A lot of people ask when is this necessary. There are a lot of examples, but essentially health and safety training is mandatory:

  • at the start of the employment relationship;
  • before start of another job;
  • before the introduction of new technology and new means of work; and
  • when there is a change in the work process which can result in a change in safety at work.

Moreover, full-time workers must complete a health and safety training (and a knowledge test), as well as by students and workers who do occasional work. In addition, the employer must also provide for periodic tests of theoretical and practical competence about health and safety. That especially refers to workplaces where the risk of accidents, diseases are higher.

Likewise, the employer needs to specify the frequency of these tests. For high-risk places, there maximum period is two years. By contrast, there are fines that range from €2,000 to €40,000. For the person in charge of the employer, they range from €500 to €4000. Do you have everything in order at your company? Do you need legal advice? Don’t hesitate to call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) for more information!

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What about s.p. and occupational health and safety at work?

Individuals frequently ask us about sole proprietorship and health and safety training. Do they need it? When? In short, there is no clear answer. If the sole trader carries out non-hazardous work, then there is no need. However, the s.p. must complete a risk assessment. Although, if the s.p. carries hazardous work, he/she must complete health and safety training and a preventive medical examination. Eventually, the risk assessment specifies the measures for health and safety at work.

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