Law on restarting investments in Slovenia after the epidemic

Law on restarting investments in Slovenia after the epidemic

As Slovenia successfully overcame the COVID-19 epidemic, the country is now focusing on supporting the economy to recover. During the epidemic various intervention acts were accepted to support business in Slovenia during the outbreak. Now, as business is resuming, the government focuses on reigniting investments in Slovenia. The National Assembly has green-lit the Law on restarting investments in Slovenia after the epidemic. What does it include and what kind of support does it offer?

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Law on restarting investments in Slovenia after the epidemic – contents

The Intervention Law that the National Assembly green-lit strives to remove obstacles to the implementation of significant investments to restart the economy after the COVID-19 epidemic. It stipulates that the government will adopt a list of important investments that will be given priority by the competent authorities.

The aim of the Law is that the investments proceed as soon as possible, as they will be mostly related to construction business, which will have a recovery effect for the entire Slovenian economy. This Law will make it easier to surpass bureaucratic obstacles when obtaining construction and environmental permits. There will be three priority lists of these projects. The first ones will include projects where it is possible to obtain a construction permit by the end of 2020, while on the second one there will be projects where it is possible to obtain construction permit by the end of 2021. Projects on those two lists have to be worth at least 5 million EUR.

The third list will include projects that will have to be included in the strategic documents of individual ministries and which require the preparation of a national spatial plan. The Law estimates that their value will have to be at least 25 million EUR.

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