Construction business in Slovenia, EU

Construction business in Slovenia, EU

Construction business is one of the most commonly chosen activities amongst those who decide to start a business in Slovenia. In 2018, there were 19.220 companies that registered a business activity related to construction business. Most of them chose a business activity related to specialized construction works.

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Company registration in Slovenia, EU

In order to start construction business in Slovenia, you have to register a company first. Non-EU citizens have the possibility to register an LTD company with 7.500€ share capital. Additionally, you can also register a subsidiary or branch office, if you plan on expanding your business from abroad to Slovenia. It is important, that you register the business activities relating to your branch of construction so that you can offer your services in accordance to Slovenian legislations. Some subcategories are also a subject of occupational licensing. It means that you would have to obtain a specific permit before you can offer your services to clients.

Construction business in Slovenia, EU

In 2018, construction companies have generated almost 6 billion EUR of income from sales in Slovenia. Construction business contributed almost 7% of the added value in Slovenia. There were 67.582 employees in construction business in 2018.

Most of those companies are either micro or small by size. 94% of the companies had less than 10 employees.

The majority of works were conducted in October and November, while there was least work in January and February.

In 2018, 70% of the employees were Slovenians and 30% were foreigners. 90% of the employees were male. The education level within construction business was 39% with finished secondary professional education.

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