Transportation company in Slovenia/EU

Transportation company in SloveniaEU

With a transportation company in Slovenia you can transport goods in the entire EU! In this article, you can find out how and when you need a license to perform transport activities.

Salary calculator in Slovenia/EU

Transportation company – setting up the business

Foreign citizens can register a LTD to start a business in Slovenia. You do not need to be an EU citizen for it. To open a transport company, a minimum initial capital of 7,500 EUR is required. You can use the capital to buy a vehicle. The process to set up a business in Slovenia is quick and easy. To register a company, you need a Slovenian tax number and a statement from the owner of the space where you plan to register a business address. DATA d.o.o. can offer you a business address in addition to bookkeeping as well as legal support.

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International transport license

After registering the transportation company, it is time to start the process of obtaining a license for the transport of goods. You need it for transport with heavy vehicles over 3.5 tons. If you will do transport with vehicles of less than 3.5 tons, you do not need a license.

After opening the business, you can start the process for the license. You will have to prove your financial standing. Also, you will need a responsible person of the company – the transport manager. You can prove your financial standing by buying a vehicle worth 9,000 EUR for the first one and 5,000 EUR for each vehicle after that. Also, you can increase the amount of capital to prove it. The process takes 15 days from when you submitted the application. In order to receive a transport license, you also need an office in Slovenia. You need to either rent or own a business space.

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Transportation company and office space

The size of the business premises depends on the number of vehicles you own. The company must publish working hours in a visible place. They should last at least six hours a day.
There, the company must keep personnel records, the accounting and business documentation. You must also keep there the data on driving and rest time.

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