Does your company in Slovenia, EU need an EORI number?

Does your company in Slovenia, EU need an EORI number?

If you plan on opening a company in Slovenia, you will most likely also want to do business in Europe. When importing items and doing business through passing customs, you will have to apply for the EORI number. As it is a less known part of business conduct, we will be explaining in more detail why you would need an EORI number and how to apply for it.

The company Data d.o.o. has been helping entrepreneurs in setting up their business in Slovenia for over 28 years. Our legal department can explain to you the needs for EORI number. They can also help your company to apply for it. We also provide accounting services, tax consultation and services of virtual office.

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What is an EORI number?

If you have opened a company in Slovenia and would like to engage in import or export, it is a big possibility that you will have to fill out customs applications. Within the European Union, they have made a unified system with the EORI number. It is a number which you use when filling out customs applications. It is an identification number of a legal entity for customs purposes. You can then use it with all customs operations within the EU. You can obtain the EORI number for all company types: LTD, subsidiary or branch office.

When would you need to apply for it?

Legal entities that are established in Slovenia do not need to apply for the EORI number if the customs procedure will be done in Slovenia. But if your company’s imported items will have their first customs procedure in another EU country, you would need to activate your EORI number.

Where can you apply for the EORI number?

In case you need to activate the EORI number, you can submit the application with the responsible branch of the financial administration (FURS). You can submit the application electronically or also authorize another person to obtain it on your behalf.

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