Opening a subsidiary of your foreign company in Slovenia

Opening a subsidiary of your foreign company in Slovenia

Expanding your business in Europe is possible in many forms. Firstly, you need to make a choice of the country where you want to expand to. Slovenia has been a popular choice for foreigners in the past years who planned on starting or expanding a business to the European market. As a central European country and a member of both EU and Schengen zone, it is not difficult to see why it is on the radar of foreign entrepreneurs. If you have an existing business abroad, you have the possibility to open a subsidiary of your foreign company and provide your services on an international level.

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What is a subsidiary and how does it differ from a branch office?

A subsidiary is a popular choice of company type for those foreigners who already have an existing company abroad and want to expand their business in Slovenia. It is an LTD company, where the shareholder is not a natural person but a foreign legal entity. When it is being established, it requires 7.500€ founding capital that the parent company has to provide. Additionally, you will also have to present Slovenian tax numbers for the parent company and the representatives. For company registration, you have to come to Slovenia to both register it and open a bank account for it. In the process of registration, you will also have to provide proof of the company’s business address and an extract from the business registry of the parent company that is not older than 3 months.

In comparison to the branch office, a subsidiary is an independent legal entity. It means that is can do business without the involvement of the parent company. The subsidiary can register different business activities then the parent company. Hence, you can offer additional services, not just the ones that you have registered within the foreign parent company. A branch office does not require founding capital while the subsidiary does. But a branch is completely financially dependent on the parent company.

Registering a subsidiary of your foreign company can be fast and simple with support of company Data d.o.o.

If you do not know where to start when you are opening a company in Slovenia, turn to Data d.o.o. for assistance.

We can obtain the Slovenian tax numbers for the foreign company and the representatives on your behalf.

You can also register your subsidiary in our office as we are a licensed VEM point.

The legal department of Data d.o.o. can help you to understand the responsibilities the subsidiary has in accordance to Slovene legislation.

We also provide accountancy services and tax consultation.

Should your company require a business address, Data d.o.o. can provide you services of virtual office.

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