Toll collection on highways in Slovenia: novelties for transport companies

Toll collection on highways in Slovenia novelties for transport companies

Important news for transport companies who do business in Slovenia. There has been a change in toll collection on highways in Slovenia. The new class of vehicles will pay less amount of tolls. The regulation enters into force on 1st September of this year.

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Change in toll collection for transport companies in Slovenia

The Ministry of Infrastructure has sent into harmonization a decree that includes the change of tolls. It will come into force on  1st September of this year.

This provision introduces a new class of tolls for those vehicles where the toll is paid in relation to the distance traveled, ie for trucks. Until now, regulations regarding the maximum permissible weight and number of axles determined two classes of tolls. In the first class, there were vehicles that had two or three axles and groups of vehicles with two or three axles, and whose maximum allowed weight exceeded 3,500 kilograms. The second class contained vehicles that had more than three axles.

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Changes in the amount of toll

The new regulation breaks the first class of lorries (R2) into two parts. According to the regulation, in the first class there will be motor vehicles with two axles, and in the second class (R3) there will be motor vehicles or a group of vehicles with three axles. Hence, the current second class of vehicles with four or more axles will become the third class (R4).

The regulation defines the amount of toll for the new first class, which is 10% lower than it was so far in the common class.

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