Economic activity in Slovenia – foreseen growth next year!

Economic activity in Slovenia – foreseen growth next year!

Good news for business in Slovenia! Economic activity in Slovenia will certainly depend on the epidemiological situation in the long run, but according to UMAR forecasts, the fall in GDP will not be as deep as initially expected. Recovery is also planned for trading partners!

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Agreement on a financial package for the recovery of the European economy

The Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Macroeconomic Analysis and Development (UMAR) predicts a 6.7% drop in GDP in the autumn forecast. Since the last UMAR forecast, the forecasts for the country’s most important trading partners have even improved. The economic activity of the country is better than expected under the circumstances, thanks to an agreement on a financial package for the recovery of the European economy at EU level.

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The recovery of economic activity of EU members will be gradual

In the second half of the year, the projection is that the economic activity will increase. However, economic activity in the presence of the virus and the maintenance of certain restrictive measures will be gradual and differentiated by individual activities. The forecast shows a larger growth mainly for countries with a higher share of industrial activity!

In 2022, economic activity will be at pre-epidemic levels!

A 6.7 percent drop this year will be followed by a two-year recovery. This means that economic activity will reach pre-epidemiological levels in 2022.

In that time, the most affected sectors (catering, hotels and accommodation, sports and cultural events) should experience an increase in economic activity, if the epidemiological forecast will remain favorable.

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