Medical examination in Slovenia/EU: obligations of employers

Medical examination in Slovenia EU obligations of employers

Medical examination in Slovenia/EU: is it necessary for employment?

If you plan to do business in Europe and Slovenia, you will most likely have employees. If they are employees with employment contract they need to pass also a medical examination. The doctor checkes if they are suitable to carry out the work that you set in the contract. Are there any exceptions?

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The employer has to ensure a medical examination for all employees

The employers in Slovenia have to send all their employees to medical examinations. They have to abide by the risks that a certain job position poses for the person. You need to send the workers to the exam before he comes to work for the first time.

Who bears the cost?

The employer has to cover the costs for the medical examination. There is a rule that the worker cannot have any expenses in the process when they are checking if you are physically fit to carry out the work. Two laws also protect the worker in this case:

  • Labour Relations Act (ZDR-1)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Act (ZVZD-1)

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What about employees who work on service contract?

Even workers who work for a company based on a service contract would also have to pass a medical exam. For that the company that needs their serivces also has to bear the cost. But if you enter a contract with a sole trader and that person passes a medical examination, you can issue them an invoice for the cost. Follow us on Facebook  and Instagram to learn more about your options.

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When does the worker have to pass the medical check-up?

The worker has to go to the medical examination if the company employs them for the first time. Then the period, in which the employee has to pass the check-up again depends on the assessment of risks. They differ for every job position. Those risks are part of the risk assessment that a safety engineer prepares for the company.

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