Reimbursement of travel expenses – company in Slovenia

Reimbursement of travel expenses - company in Slovenia

Do you plan to do business in Europe with a company in Slovenia? When doing business, it is very likely that you or your employees will have to do business trips abroad. With the new regulations that same into force starting 1.1.2020, the reimbursements of business trips are facing some novelties. The changes mostly affect three different amounts of daily allowances. The tax regulation equates their amount depending on the duration of the trip.

Data d.o.o. has nearly 30 years of experience in helping entrepreneurs to start their business in Slovenia. In addition to company registration support, we also provide legal consultation and accounting services. Our tax specialists will make sure to inform you about the correct amount of reimbursement of travel expense when travelling abroad on business.

Which expenses can you include in the reimbursement of travel expenses?

All your employees, who travel abroad on business, can request reimbursement of travel expenses. They need to have an approved travel order.

The expenses which are a subject of reimbursement according to the Regulation of business trips abroad include:

  • daily allowance for reimbursement of expenses for meals,
  • reimbursement of expenses for accommodation,
  • reimbursement for parking expenses and tolls,
  • refund of other expenses connected to performing business tasks on the business trips (upon presenting proof of the expenses).

Important changes of the amounts of daily allowances

The daily allowances that you as an entrepreneur have to pay for your employees who are on business trips, are different for every country. The calculation includes the whole duration of the business trip. You calculate them in hours from the date and hour of the beginning of the trip until the end of the trip.

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For business trips abroad the daily allowances are calculated depending on the duration of the trip:

  • full daily allowance for trips over 14 hours until 24 hours,
  • 75% of daily allowance for trips over 8 until 14 hours,
  • 25% of daily allowance for trips over 6 and until 8 hours.

The reimbursements cover also expenses for meals and accommodation

The amount of meals that are a subject of reimbursement depends on the duration of the trip. Whereas the reimbursement of accommodation is possible for the whole amount of the hotel bill, if the organizer of the trip sets the accommodation conditions. But the reimbursement of the expenses for the transportation is set in the height of expenses on the travel order, depending on the vehicle listed in the travel order.

The whole reimbursement is calculated in the domestic currency under the rates of the European central bank. The advance payments use the same scale for the payout of reimbursement.

Are you not sure how to correctly reimburse your employees for their business trips abroad? Data d.o.o. can offer full support.

If you plan to register a company in Slovenia but are not sure that you are conducting business in accordance to Slovene legislation, Data d.o.o. will be happy to offer support. We can help you to set up the LTD company and provide full support of accounting services, as well as provide legal consultation on all grounds of business conduct.

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