Expansion of business to EU: start in Slovenia

Expansion of business to EU: start in Slovenia

Expansion of business to EU is a great step for your business. Find out what opportunities await. Start your business in Slovenia and move to the heart of Europe. Here at Data we offer business consultations for foreigners. Do you already have a business and want to expand? You came to the right place. Besides, we offer legal support on your way. All in all help with the expansion. All you need to do is call our Viber/WhatsApp (+386 40 530 718) to book an appointment. Additionally you can do it via e-mail (data@data.si) or this form.

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Opportunities for expansion of business to EU

When it comes to expansion of business to EU, the EU has a great potential for growth. Find new markets. Doing business in the EU is easy for several reasons. For example the location. Everything is pretty close in the EU. If you decide to start a business in Slovenia, you will be connecting the EU and the Balkan. This is a great strategic location. From here, it will be easy to reach other european markets.

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Extend your customer base

There are more than 450 million potential customers. Reach them with expansion of business to EU. Moving your business to Slovenia will put you in the middle of the European market. You will have access to major European markets such as Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. However, even further markets will be available. That is because of Schengen area. You will be able to sell your products and services all over EU.

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Hire skilled workers with expansion of business to EU

The workforce in EU and Slovenia is extremely skilled. Most of the people in EU-member countries speak at least one foreign language. Furthermore, the diversity of workers will satisfy all your clients’ needs. Hiring great empoyees will definitly help your business expansion to the EU.

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Start your EU expansion at Data

There are several ways of opening a business in Slovenia. Basically it depends on your situation. Do you already own a business? In this case you can think about opening a branch or subsidiary. Do you want to start a business in Slovenia and then proceed with expansion of business to EU? That is a possibility is well! Do you need help deciding which type of company you should open? Feel free to call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) or send us an e-mail to data@data.si. This way you can book an appointment with our business consultants. Additionally, you can check out our Facebook page, where we share tips on starting businesses in Slovenia.

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