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minimum wage 2024

Minimum wage 2024 in Slovenia has increased in comparison to last year. This is also important information for all businesspeople who wants to open company in Slovenia and employ workers. Do you also want to start business in Slovenia? Then call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp). Or you can write us an email at!

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So, how much is minimum wage 2024 in Slovenia?

So, minimum wage 2024 in Slovenia is already known. And it is 1253,90 euros gross! For last year (2023) minimum wage was 1203,36 euros gross. So, this mean growth from last year is 4,2 %. Here in Slovenia every year, the minimum wage is at least adjusted to the rise in the prices of consumer goods. After all this is determined in accordance with the Minimum Wage Act.

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Minimum wage 2024 is known, how did minimum wage rise in past years?

As already mentioned minimum wage 2024 in Sloveniais 1253,39 euros gross. So, let’s see how minimum wage rised in last years in Slovenia.

Year Minimum wage (gross, in euros)
2023 1203,36
2022 1074,43
2021 1024,24
2020 940,58
2019 886,63
2018 842,79
2017 804,96
2016 790,73
2015 790,73
2014 789,15

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