Shopping in 2020 and consumer habits

Shopping in 2020 and consumer habits

Shopping in 2020 and shopping habits changed dramatically during the coronavirus outbreak. We switched from visiting stores to online shopping. Do you know what are the most common purchases in 2020?

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Shopping for cleaning products, entertainment technology and vintage toys

The timing of the coronavirus outbreak has changed consumer habits, which is expected in any crisis. In the US, experts conducted a survey to determine which consumption does not decrease in times of crisis. Shopping in 2020 during the quarantine period kept, according to analysts, the focus on hygiene products and cleaning products as well as children’s toys.

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Poll: Shopping in 2020 in the US?

Shopping for products to improve their homes has fallen into the category of larger consumer products. Customers also purchased robotic vacuum cleaners, household appliances and recreational equipment. In the third quarter, it was also common to buy materials for home office, computer games and online platforms with streaming content.

Nearly half a billion in the third-quarter sales segment were Barbie dolls. Because the shopping for these was so large, they had a 29% increase in sales. This was almost the highest sales result in any quarter since 2003.

Buying a camper van was also common among Americans. Some manufacturers also recorded a 40% increase in demand for their products. In the USA, sales among used car providers also recorded growth. Shopping in 2020 in the US recorded an increased demand for cars because consumers want to provide themselves and their loved ones with as much safety as possible. This makes it easier to avoid the use of public transport.

Manufacturers of detergents, sanitizers and soaps are also in high demand. In addition to products that would disinfect and limit the possibility of coronavirus infection, analysts have found that consumers are also trying to renovate and improve their homes at these times.

Shopping during a pandemic, which is tied to luxury goods is still popular. Luxury brands have still managed to persuade customers to make numerous purchases.

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