What are the opportunities for business immigration to Slovenia?

What are the opportunities for business immigration to Slovenia?

What are the opportunities for business immigration to Slovenia? Our company offers assistance with business immigration to Slovenia to entrepreneurs who want to start running a business and get full support at all stages of the development of the company’s business immigration to Slovenia. For all legal matters in the process of opening the company and the creation of a successful business in Slovenia, you can consult with our experts at the offices “VEM” (One-Spot Shop) in the company “DATA”. We can also help you with the answers regarding the choice of the type of your company.

The most popular form of the business immigration to Slovenia is a Private Limited Company (LTD). Holders of shares are not personally responsible for the company’s activities, but they are obligated to make the authorized capital.

The minimum capital that is required for the registration of a Private Limited Company in Slovenia is 7.500 eur. Once registration is complete, you can use this capital to conduct your business.

Another type of a business immigration to Slovenia is to open a branch office or representative office in Slovenia – one of the opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs who have decided to expand their business to Slovenia and to enter the European market.

When registering the company, documents are required, such as:

  • the conclusion of the parent company to open a branch office (representative office) in Slovenia, which contains information about the name of the future company, legal address and activities of the company
  • Regular extract from the Commercial Register of the parent company, which must not be older than 3 months.
  • The Constitutive Act of the parent company.
  • The financial report for the last financial year in abbreviated form.

The company “DATA” will give you the answer to the question: “What are the opportunities for business immigration to Slovenia”. You will receive it fast and with the description of all the important points. We will help you with the organization of the whole process and prepare all the necessary information.

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