Company start-up for foreigners – how can they open one?

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Company start-up for foreigners – can it be a s.p or a Ltd?

Many foreigners decide for company start-up at DATA. They can open s.p. or Ltd in Slovenia. Do you know what do they mean? What they are? This article will explore the most important information! Most important, we will see the conditions a person from a EU country or a person from a third country must meet. Does this help you? Do you have a business idea? Let DATA help you! We provide quality business, tax, and legal services! Just call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) and get all the answers!

How to start a business in Slovenia

Company start-up for EU citizens

So, a foreigner from an EU country can register in Slovenia as a s.p. or Ltd. With this in mind, the conditions for a company start-up are the same as for Slovenians. Moreover, here we think of the conditions in Article 10a of the Companies Act-1. Firstly, the EU foreigner will need an identity document and a Slovenian tax number. Secondly, if the address of the company will be at a location of which he is not the (co-)owner, he will need a statement from the owner. Thirdly, he will also need certain documents from his country of origin. These will prove that he is not a tax debtor or criminal. Lastly, the foreigner will set up the sole trader within three days of the start of the procedure at the DATA point. The company start-up (Ltd) takes about a week after the application is sent to the registration court.

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What about foreigners from Third countries

The condition for a foreigner from a third country to set up a sole proprietorship is 12 months’ residence in Slovenia. He or she must bring an identity document (residence permit and passport), a Slovenian tax number, evidence from his or her country of origin. Also, he might need a certified statement from the owner of the building for the business address of the Ltd. Without a doubt, it is precisely because of the condition of one year’s residence in Slovenia that many third-country nationals decide to register a Ltd. In this case, this condition does not have to be fulfilled.

How to register your company in Slovenia?

Company start-up for foreigners when the Ltd is set up by a foreigner or a foreign legal person from a third country

When a third-country national wishes to register a Ltd in Slovenia, he/she must bring to the registration procedure an identity document, a Slovenian tax number, evidence from his/her country of origin and a certified statement from the owner of the facility for the limited liability company. However, if a foreign company (legal entity) wishes to register a Ltd in Slovenia, these are the necessary documents for company start-up:

  • Slovenian tax number for the company and for the representative of the foreign company in Slovenia, if it will not be the same person and will be a foreigner,
  • translation of an extract from the register of the foreign company,
  • evidence from the home country for the foreign company; and
  • a certified statement from the owner of the building for the limited company.

To this end, we see the basic conditions for company start-up in Slovenia. Do you already have an idea? Let DATA help you with the process! Let’s see why to choose DATA!

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Why choose DATA?

Do you find this helpful? Does company start-up interest you? We at DATA help everyone in company registration, regardless of nationality! Of course, the conditions are different, but we try to make sure that everything goes smooth! Do you want to know more? Just contact us and schedule a meeting today! Get answers to all your dilemmas! Our experts will be happy to help you! For further advice, please call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp)! Last but not least, if you want to follow our work, visit our Facebook and LinkedIn pages!

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